Saturday Boo-La-De Dah boxes

Barbara T. and Denise H.

Saturday Boo-La-De Dah boxes

Amy D., Peg D., Leslie Howell

Saturday Boo-La-De Dah boxes

Amanda H., Paula F., Phyllis D.


Boo! a painted canvas design, stitched by Corliss Englert. Photo: B. Vinson

Blue Ribbon Sewing Box

Blue Ribbon Sewing Box, designed by Sherri Jones and stitched by Elizabeth Kist. Photo: B. Vinson

Egg Factory

Egg Factory, stitched by Carol Eix. Canvas artist: Rebecca Wood. Photo: B. Vinson.Carol says: “This is one of the first pieces I stitched and completed as a beginning needlepointer. I thought it was a fun whimsical canvas and had a lot of fun stitching the hens and especially the rooster! I created the framing concept for this piece utilizing the chicken wire and matte cut like a barn.”

Blackwork Rose

Blackwork Rose: an interpretation by Cheryl Christian. Finished in a fabric covered box. Photo: B. Vinson

Plimouth Plantation Sweete Bag

Lauretta Jackson stitched Plimouth Plantation Sweete Bag. The design was inspired by a sampler at Plimoth Plantation, made in 1664 by a girl with the initials “EC”. In the 17th century people used fragrant sweet bags to perfume the air or clothing. Photo: B. Vinson.

Mexican Bird Scissor Fob

Mexican Bird Scissor Fob, stitched by Lauretta Jackson, was designed by Shepherd’s Bush. Photo: B. Vinson.

Smocked Eggs

Smocked Eggs stitched by Cindy Hambrick, from a Marcy Collins class. Photo: B. Vinson.

Southwest Courtyard

Southwest Courtyard, stitched by Mary Sue Kerbow, on a painted canvas by Sharon G. Photo: B. Vinson.

Red Lace Sewing Case

Red Lace Sewing Case. A Drawn Thread design stitched by Sandy Muir. Photo: B. Vinson

Prickly Paisley Box

Prickly Paisley Box, worked by Corliss Englert, is a Japanese-style beading project designed by Mary Alice Sinton, from a San Antonio Needlework Guild program. Photo: B. Vinson.

Starry Night

Jane Poole worked this beaded interpretation of Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night designed by Sigrid Wynne-Evans. Photo: B. Vinson

Fantasy in Pink

Fantasy in Pink. An original design by Carol Wallin. This was an exercise in creativity and technique taught by Kimberly Smith as an ASG month program. The technique was applying sheer fabric over needlepoint canvas, and to stitch on top of it. The creativity was choosing your own threads, stitches, embellishments, as well as the kind of finished item it would become. Photo: B. Vinson

Holiday Brooch

A Carolyn Sherman design featured in the September 2009 issue of Needle Arts magazine, beaded by Carol Wallin. Photo: B. Vinson


Tapestry, a Sue Reed design, stitched by Mary Ann Booth. Worked on canvas with cotton, silk and metallic thread. Photo: B. Vinson.


Tranquility, an original design by Linda Connors is stumpwork worked on polyester Shantung silk with cotton, chenille, beads, muslin, felt, organza and wire. Photo: L. Connors.

Frens Original Drawing

Grace’s original drawing that Posy adapted.

Santa Ornament

Designed and stitched by Cindy Hambrick

Christmas Bell

Designed and stitched by Cindy Hambrick

Wedding Sampler

Stitched by Sandy Crow by designer LizzieKate

Merry Christmas

Stitched by Sandy Crow by designer LizzieKate

Merry Christmas

Stitched by Sandy Crow by designer LizzieKate

Boo Lah De Dah 5th Saturday Project

Members working on the beading project taught by Cindy Hambrick

Boo Lah De Dah Box Tops

Boo Lah De Dah Box Tops
Designed by Peg Dunayer