The Austin Stitchery Guild has large assortment of stitching related books that can be checked out by Guild members. You can contact Barb Vinson to check out books.

Library Policies:
• Only Guild members may check out items from the library.
• Library items may be checked out for one month, from one program meeting to the next.
• You may reserve a book by email, or at the monthly meeting.
• You may renew a book by email, or at the monthly meeting.
• Library items may be renewed once for one additional month.
• At the librarian’s discretion, library items that are not highly circulated may be renewed more than one time.
• A monthly fine of $2.00 per overdue book, pattern, or magazine will be assessed.
• If a member loses or damages a library item, the member must replace it immediately with the same item or one of equal value.

Library Library Book List (pdf format)